Friday, December 30, 2011

Humane Society Euthanizes Man's Kitten Over Money

I recently came across this article by the Huffington Post.

To sum up the article, a Phoenix, AZ  man who brought his kitten into a local animal shelter to be treated.  The vet on staff told the man, who is a recovering drug addict, that it was going to be $400 to treat his kitten.  They refused to take payment over the phone from his mother, or treat the cat & while she wired money to them/him.  The animal shelter told him that if he signed over the car to them, they'd treat it and put it into foster care.  They didn't.   Instead, the very same day the kitten was put down.

The shelter is stating it's reasons for putting the cat down were: the gentleman's lack of funds, lack of veterinarians on staff to treat her, and a serious cut on her leg.   The thing is, had he had the money to pay for the treatment, the kitten would have been fine, AND would have been treated right at the same it appears to me that their main reasoning for putting the kitten down was simply because he didn't have the money and they didn't want to deal with it.

It makes me so sad.  I know there is tons of over crowding in shelters around the U.S., and a serious lack of funds...but come on!  There had to be something they could have done for him.  He was a responsible pet owner.  He had hand fed the cat when it was just 4 days old.  He described the cat as having helped him stay off drugs for over a year, which is the longest he's ever gone.  He truly cared about that kitten.

The animal shelter's response is that this is no reason to pull funding, & if people do, it's only going to make cases like this happen more...that's BS if you ask me.  Come up with programs to help... this man may have had no $, but I would lay money that he would have done anything to save his kitten... PLUS, his mother was offering to give them money!!!! 

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  1. I was so angry when I heard this story too! How dare they! At least it's shown to others that unless you visit a no-kill shelter, you have no guarantee. :(


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