Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Sad...

Did you hear about the Welfare standoff at the Department of Health and Human Services in Laredo, TX?

It is just so sad, and so hard for me to understand how anyone could get to that point...that they feel like it's easier to take their own life and their kids lives.  

What seems even more weird to me is the fact that the girl was posting to facebook throughout this whole standoff,  her post at 7:50pm said "may die 2day"  and there was a response on there from someone named "Nancy Harrop" who was listed as her grandmother on facebook, who replied ""i'm here for you guys. No reason to be afraid,".. really?  no reason to be afraid??  Her own MOTHER took her life!!!  The person she was supposed to trust above anyone else, shot her in the head!  The Grandmother's response leads me to believe that she KNEW what the mother was planning on doing and didn't stop her!  How can any Grandmother allow that to happen to her own grandchildren?

And another thing... the article says that the mother's outburst was triggered from years of being rejected in various states for assistance, but the DHS dept in TX states that she was in fact NOT denied but just didn't turn in the required information.  Did she think that she could just get qualified with out jumping through ANY hoops?

I don't want to sound mean, she obviously had some mental issues going on... but there are other options out there besides just state assistance for food and healthcare and if she was bad off like the article states there was places to turn to for help... there's churches, food pantry's, clothing drives, etc... and most don't require you to provide any information.

What do you think about this whole situation?

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