Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are you a homemaker?

As we all know, being a homemaker is a never ending job.  You don't get to just clock out at 5pm and have your day be done..nope, it's a 24/7 job, especially if you have little kids!

Have you ever wondered how much you should be getting paid for being a homemaker!?  I know I have! I say it all the time "I work harder @ home then any job and I get paid less!"  Well here's some calculations for you:

Private Chef: This is a huge part of a homemakers job!  Meals from breakfast to dinner and everything in between!  According to The American Personal Chef Association, a personal chef makes between $200 & $500/day!  Plus you have to ad in a delivery fee since homemakers have to go get the groceries!  That's another $5-$10!
Total cost of services: $52,260/year

House Cleaner: I don't know about you... but I feel like I am cleaning ALL day long!  Professional maids or cleaning services will charge by a variety of different ways such as hourly, square footage, or the number of rooms!
Total cost of services: $6,136/year

Child Care: For any of your mom's who work, or who like me used to work, you know how expensive child care is!!!  Live-in child care is even more!!  And of course, being a live-in child care provider, you would most likely get benefits!  The international nanny association reports that nannies make between $600-$950 gross!
Total cost of services: $31,200/year

Driver: Most families don't have their own personal drivers, unless they have a homemaker!!  Average cost of a personal driver to take you anywhere you want, whenever you want, is about $1,000/year plus anywhere between 33cents and $2.03 per minute!
Total cost of services:  $4,168/year

Laundry Service: Normally professionally laundry services charge by the pound when doing your laundry...homemakers do it for free! 
Total cost of services: $936/year

Lawn Maintenance: Although many homemakers don't tend to do the lawn maintenance, some do!  This could include any number of things like brush removal or edging, or even weeding, not just mowing the lawn!  A normal charge for this service would be around $30/week.
Total cost of services: $1,560/year

Homemakers are a great asset to every home!  Sometimes though, they are taken for granted.  Unless you've done the jobs yourselves, you tend to forget all that goes into keeping up a home!

Total annual salary for a homemaker: add all of the above and you get: $96,261!!!

*calculations done by Yahoo! Finance

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  1. OMG, I just read that article on yahoo! I seriously think someone should be payin' us for all that work we do for free! haha

  2. Ha! I was just talking to the hubby about how much housewives are worth..
    I'll have to show him tonight :)

    1. That's what I'm saying! I'm showing my husband tonight too!

  3. I'm working towards double pay. I do all of that and work full-time teaching middle school. :)


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