Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog Dare 2012 Day 15

Today's Topic: Why I don't like a certain cartoon character...

My kids don't watch too much cartoons... we only have the basic TV channels so they get to watch whats on PBS or movies that we rent...but one cartoon character that I CAN.NOT.STAND that they love (for some unknown reason) is Caillou!  

I am sure the show has some great morals to it and all, but honestly, the second I hear his whiny little voice come on the TV, I have to leave the room or I'll need to bang my head against a table top!

Of course... I suppose nothing is worse then Spongebob's laugh!  Thank goodness they haven't been turned onto that cartoon yet!

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  1. OMG I'm just about to post the SAME thing! I hate Caillou. He's sooooooo annoying. I'm glad my kids don't watch too often.

  2. I love Bugs Bunny and Disney cartoons best. The modern cartoons aren't as good.

  3. My daughter was on a Caillou kick for a while and my husband found in OnDemand ... so she could watch it any time! Thank goodness for other shows and she is back into her Handy Manny routine. She is 5 so she knows how to get into OnDemand ... so I can't tell her I can't find him. His whiny voice is enough to make any Mom crazy ... i hear enough whining from my OWN kids ;) I am a new follower hope to see you over at :)

  4. My son woke up at 3am one time and for whatever reason thought it was time to be UP for the day... and asked to watch Caillou...thankfully he was little and didn't know that there is a thing called netflix that he can watch it whenever he wants! Now sadly, he knows about it!

    Thanks for following! I'll head over & follow you as well!


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