Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Dare 2012 Day 23

Today's Topic: The Most Vivid Dream..

I do not remember most of my dreams by the time that I wake up... but like most I have experienced times when I have woken up and said to myself.. "was that real or a dream?"

Since I am an adult it's easier for me to figure out the difference, but recently my 5 year old had a dream like this and we talked about it for awhile because he said it felt so real!  He said that someone took his little brother in his dream and we were scared and trying to find him!

Interesting Fact: On average we spend 6 years dreaming!!

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  1. Poor big brother! And SIX YEARS?!?! Holy moly!
    Following you back : )

    1. Thanks Connie!! Yeah I couldn't believe that! I guess we don't think about it too much until someone lays it out like that for us, that's a LOT of time!!

  2. Awwe poor baby that's sad :( Good you sat and talked with him, I think it's important for our little ones to feel that they can run to us when they feel scared...

    here's mine

    1. I agree! My 5 year old loves to talk to me about things, I encourage it a lot, I hope it stays that way too! That's one thing I worry about with having boys... that they'll end up shutting me out!!

  3. I never heard that statistic before--that is so crazy.



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