Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Dare 2012 Day 24

Today's Topic: I wasn't supposed to see....

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I've been thinking about this for awhile... and the same thought keeps popping into my mind...

When I was either a junior or senior in high school,  my best friend {M} and I decided that we wanted to give this other girl {H} in one of our classes a make over.  {H} was a very plain girl, who kind of tended to dress more on the gothic side, and we kept telling her that she'd look so good if she just tried to do her hair/make up, etc.

So we put the plans in motion, and decided that we'd go see a movie then go over to {M}'s house since she was more "girliie" than I was....but there was one hold up...my mom said I couldn't go!!  I was so mad because I thought she was just saying no because of who I was going with and that she was judging her based on her looks {she wasn't}... {H} was so excited to hang out with us, I felt too bad telling her no...

So {H} and I went and seen E.T. in the movie theater, then called {M} who decided to cancel on our plans!!!  I felt really bad later when I found out my mom just didn't want me going to the movie theater that day {I can't remember why} and let me invite {H} over another day!  

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  1. So funny when we look back at stuff like that! So glad to not be in high school, or junior high for that matter anymore!

  2. Thank you so much for the award !! I'm so flattered!!


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