Thursday, January 12, 2012

BlogDare 2012: Day 12

Today's Topic: A vacation I hope to take this year..

There are actually two I want to take this year...both in Michigan.

First I really want to take the boys to Mackinac Island.  Lucas and I have been talking about Islands a lot lately and I really think he'd enjoy it!

And the second trip I want to take is one I had wanted to take last year, to Sleeping Bear Dune (without the kids)... camp out in the woods and go hiking!  I really wanted to go last year with my husband for our anniversary, but we didn't go...

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  1. I love how you thought "close to home!" I keep thinking far away...and that's not going to happen! =)

  2. haha yeah I know there's no chance of me getting everyone to go on a 'far away' vacation {although my son wants to go to Florida really bad}, but close to home is doable so might as well plan it!

  3. I am actually excited this year to head up north to our regular vacation spots. 2 summer pregnancies back-to-back has kept us pretty close to home and missing out on quite a bit of family fun. I, as well, hope to visit Mackinaw this year. I am going to spend 2 weeks in the UP visiting my mom in August. I hope to make Mackinaw part of this yearly trip. Is it crazy to already be dreaming of summer when we haven't even had a winter yet? :)

  4. I am excited for this summer, the past couple of years were hard with two young kids *as you know!* but this year my youngest is finally at the age where it will be more fun than worrying at the lake! I want to make a mackinaw trip each year too! We used to when I was younger! It doesn't feel much like winter right now, makes me think summer is right around the corner! haha


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