Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday's Favorites!

This summer I decided I wanted to get clip in hair extensions.  I was working full time and thought "why not!?"  I figured that it would be cheaper to get clip in ones then having them professionally done because then I can wear them whenever I wanted.

After doing some research online about them, and even watching numerous youtube videos, I decided to do it.  I went over to Sally Beauty Supply, and talked to an awesome sales clerk who helped me pick out the right color and style (she suggested since my hair is naturally slightly wavy that I get the wavy ones, easier to blend in with my natural hair).

I purchased the Design Lengths Clip-in Wavy hair extensions, in blonde.  I read the instruction manual before doing anything.

These hair extensions have been awesome!  I wear them quite often, and have had so much fun styling them!  My hair is normally either in a longer bob style or shoulder length and I didn't have too much trouble getting them to blend in (youtube videos really helped though!).  I was lucky enough to that the color of the extensions matched almost perfectly the color of my hair.... however if you aren't so lucky, they are made from human so so you can dye them...although I recently did that & the only thing I did not think of was that since I dyed them, they are no longer wavy but pin straight now!  But other than that, they have held up nicely!

I would highly recommend anyone who is considering clip in hair extensions to take a look at Design Lengths Clip-In hair extensions!  They normally run about $99.99 but you can often find them on sale @ Sally Beauty Supply for $80-90.  

*This is a review done on a product that I purchased and use.  I am not in ANY WAY being compensated for this review!*

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