Friday, January 13, 2012

How do you punish your child?

So last night we had our first serious injury!!  I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner...

The boys were getting ready for bed, my 3 year old was in his brothers room, taunting him like usual.  Next thing I know he's screaming... I run in there and he has blood dripping down is face, so I scoop him up and run to the bathroom. I was able to look at the cut in between it bleeding and I just knew he was going to need stitches or staples, so out the door we run, at 8pm at night, in a snowstorm! 

I dropped the older one off at his grandparents house so I didn't have to deal with both of them at the med center...  THANKFULLY they weren't busy and got us in right away!  He needed 3 stitches. He did great and was up and jumping around right after they were done.  In the whole rush to get my 3 year old medical attention... I failed to really find out what happened, although I kind of gathered that it was done by my 5year old, swinging his soccer medal around and hitting my 3yr old.

Today my husband was talking to the boys to find out what happened.  My 5 year old said "well, brother said he was going to throw out my lion..." and he trailed off.  My husband explained to him that we don't hit someone or threaten to hit someone just because we are mad and that he was going to need to be punished for what he did, even if it was an "accident".  

My husband isn't very hands on when it comes to the boys since he's out of town so much, so I wasn't sure what he was going to say next... and what he said surprised me!  I honestly wouldn't have even thought of it... he said "I would like to spank you for hurting your brother but I am not going to... I am going to leave your punishment up to you.  You have two hours to decide what would be a good punishment for hurting your brother."

This was probably the best thing he could have said!  After my husband went outside me and my 5 year old talked about why he had to come up with a punishment for himself and some ideas of what they should be. He sat there worrying about what he should do, but really thought about it. In the end he chose no tv for the weekend and writing sentences of "I will not hit my brother".

How do you decide your child's punishment when they've done something wrong?

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  1. we have experienced this same kind of thing..the wierdsest part is the punishment they choose for themselves is usually WAY worse than anything we would choose for them!

  2. We usually just take away their electronics- ipods, xbox, etc. That does the trick :) When they were younger we usually gave them time out.
    Btw, I followed you over from Bloggy Moms- Michigan Moms page. I live in SE Michigan, Nice to meet you Nichole :)


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