Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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I am sure most of you have heard about it by now..the cruise ship that went down near Italy, but I heard on the radio this morning a recorded call between the Captain and The coast guard and felt sick!  I understand he was scared, but it was HIS job to keep it together and to get those people off the ship.  I think that the fact that they are charging him with manslaughter is good!  It's been said that the CHEF'S  and WAITERS were the ones helping passengers off the boat!!  

Not only that, but he waited to report that there were any problems!!  30 minutes after the collision he was asked by someone in the control room if everything was OK and said "just having technical difficulties" !?!?!  That was at 9:49pm... when officials tried to contact him at 12:30, he had already abandoned ship!!!

Part of the transcript
Mr. De Falco (coast guard): You get back on board!  That is an order!  There is nothing else for you to consider.  You sounded the Abandon Ship.  Now I am giving the orders.  Get back on that ship, is that clear?

When Captain Schettino was told that there were bodies in the sea, he asked the coast guard "how many?"

The coast guard replied with: "I don't know! Christ, you should be the one telling me!"

Captain Schettino said "It's dark outside"

The coast guard (screaming): What do you want to do?  GO home?  Its dark outside and you want to go home?"

The captain's final reply was that he was going back aboard the ship,  but was actually seen climbing into a taxi!!!!!

look how close to the Island he was!!!
Under Italian law, a captain who abandons ship before ALL passengers and crew are off and accounted for,  can be jailed for up to 12 years!

The Captain has been questioned as to why he was even where he was... he was supposed to be about 4 miles further out to sea!!  Black Box recordings have gathered that the Captain purposely changed course

Tne full transcript has been release and translation here:

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  1. Gosh that is just so horrible. :( All because of his careless mistakes. So so sad.

    1. yeah it is horrible! It's being investigated but they think he altered his course in order to impress the head chef. according to one of the black boxes, the chef called his family and said to watch for the ship going past the island... =(


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