Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Money Online, #2


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Recently I posted about making money online using inbox dollars.  Although I do love using that site because it's super easy and not time consuming at all, the biggest downfall with them is the cash out is $30.

Another company I have been using a lot lately and I would highly recommend is MindField Internet Panels.  This is a company that offers paid surveys (CASH, not points like most!) and the cash out limit is only $5!  I get 2-3 emails a week telling me there is a new survey, and as long as I don't ignore the emails, I am able to participate!  There is nothing more annoying than being told to complete a survey and then not being able to complete it because it disqualifies you!  That's almost never happened with MindField!  The other cool thing is that their surveys are always at least $1, but most of the survey's I've been taking are in the range of $3-$5!
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I used to participate in their survey's awhile back but didn't like that they would only mail me my payouts so I stopped but never deactivated my account... NOW they offer payouts by paypal, amazon or even facebook credits!!

If you are interested in checking out MindField Internet Panels just click on their name anywhere in this post and it will redirect you to their site!

*disclaimer: I am NOT being paid for this post in anyway.  I actually participate in MindField Internet Panels survey's and just thought I would share my experience with others! *

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  1. Very interesting I will come back, and check it out in a couple of days. Weekends are hard to sit and actually sign up something.

    Thanks for sharing with us.



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