Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks menu plan didn't exactly go as planned and I hate when that happens!!  

I was making Chicken Lasagna, and my 3-year old runs into the kitchen as I am pulling it out of the oven... I hate when they are in the kitchen when I'm running the oven, so I got kind of scared thinking he was going to run for the open door... and DROPPED THE WHOLE LASAGNA in the oven!  All of it fell out of the pan! SO we had to make Friday night a pizza night instead of Saturday!

Here's what I hope to be this weeks menu- I am behind on planning.  Normally this would be done and ready to be posted Sunday night, but we had company over last night, so I am now doing it last minute!

Breakfast: Cereal w/milk
Snack: Fruit snacks (we recently found Thomas snacks at the store, so the 3yr old wants "snackies" all the time!)
Lunch: Mcdonalds
Snack: apples
Dinner: not sure yet!

Breakfast: Waffles & eggs, OJ
Snack: Fruit snacks, juice
Lunch: Mac & Cheese
Snack: animal crackers
Dinner: Spaghetti & meatballs, milk

Breakfast: Toast & OJ
Snack: graham crackers & juice
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwhich & carrots, milk
Snack: chips
Dinner: chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, milk

Breakfast: Cereal & OJ
Snack: Apples & peanut butter
Lunch: pizza, milk
Snack: carrots & dip, juice
Dinner: Porkchops w/ mushroom sauce, potatoes, green beans, milk

Breakfast: Poptarts, OJ
Snack: Fruit snacks
Lunch: mini sandwhiches, chips & milk
Snack: veggies & dip
Dinner: Santa Fe Chicken, rice, milk

Breakfast: kids choice
Snack: kids choice
Lunch: Hot dogs & fries
Snack: kids choice
Dinner: Tacos

Brunch: french toast, eggs & sausage/bacon, OJ
Dinner: lasagna, bread sticks, milk

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  1. Hi, New follower from Tattletale Tuesday Blog hop. I would love a follow back. you can visit my blog at: Love your blog!

  2. Hi, New follower from Tattletale Tuesday Blog hop. I would love a follow back. you can visit my blog at:

  3. Its nice to see this menu plan,actually I want to try a menu plan in my kitchen,I tried few times,but found it is difficult to me to stick to the plan.By seen this meny plan,I feel I want to try it again....I know with a menu plan,it is so comfortable & organized.
    New follower.....Hope you will visit me.
    Food Corner

  4. Thanks Amy! The thing I like most about it is that even if I don't stick to which meals I have planned for those specific days, I still have one meal for every day of the week, so it makes grocery shopping easier & I know that I have everything to make each of those meals! Plus, I tend to actually COOK when I do it that way... if I didn't it'd be super easy- hamburger helper or mac & cheese kind of meals every night, lol!


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