Thursday, January 5, 2012

On The News...

I seen this on Take Five and Company this morning and had to read up on it further:

On New Years Eve, an 18 year old girl shot a man who had broken into her house.  Sure, it's not the firs time this has happened...

But it's how she reacted to the whole situation that just amazed me.  First, let me point out that this girl has a three month old son (shown in the picture) and just lost her husband to cancer on CHRISTMAS DAY!

Now fast forward to New Years Eve when she gets a knock at the door.  She looked out the window to see two guys (one who had previously been to her house and creeped her out) at her door step.  She grabbed her baby...and her shot gun, and ran to the back of her house and locked them in a bedroom.  She called 911 and asked for permission to shoot the intruders.  She was instructed that legally she is not allowed to fire her gun unless they get inside the house... so there she sat for OVER 20 MINUTES listening to these guys try to break into her house!

When they finally got in, she fired, killing the first guy.  The second one took off but later turned himself in...and is now being charged with the murder of the first guy!!!

Most people put in that kind of a situation would not think as clearly as she did, but she said that it was either the intruder or her son and she was going to protect her son at all costs!

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  1. She is my hero! Most people would not think clearly enough in that situation to give the baby a bottle, and she even managed that.

    Unfortunately for me, we don't have the "castle law" that OK and TX has. :( It's another reason why I can't wait to move back home!

  2. Yeah I know, I normally just have the news on in the morning for background noise, but when they started talking about her I stopped right away. She was so with it and prepared!

    I am quite positive we don't have that here, especially since I have heard of people being sued after an intruder tries to break in and then gets shot. It's too bad really... IMO every state should have that law!

  3. I've read that article. I cannot believe how that happened. I'm not sure I would've been as calm as she would've. And that's so sad that she just lost her husband. :( What horrible timing.


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