Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pajama Pants Banned..?

Recently a Louisiana commissioner has decided he wants to stop people from wearing pajama pants in public, after seeing a group of boys at WalMart wearing them.  He's being quoted saying "If you can't wear pajamas at the boardwalk or courthouse, why are you going to do it at a restaurant or in public.  Today's it's pajama pants, tomorrow it's underwear...where does it stop"   The commissioner has said that violators will be required to do community service instead of going to jail.  

Although I do agree that you shouldn't wear your pajama pants in public, I don't know that Iagree that we should be wasting police force and courts time putting motions like this into affect...then again, this same count has a "no sagging" law that past last year... they have already reported 31 violations in less than a year.

So what's your take on this?  Do you agree that we need to have a ban on pajama pants in public?


  1. LOL - I agree that pyjama pants shouldn't be worn out in public, but yes, to spend money enforcing this - when there are so many other things that don't have the money to support! Did get a good laugh tho :D

    1. Yeah I thought that was pretty funny, I know I've seen some people wearing stuff that they SO shouldn't have been and thought to myself "that should be against the law!" {lol} but to actually make it against the law is going kind of far!!


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