Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rafflecopter's Launch Party!!!

Rafflecopter has launched!!!  And to celebrate their launch they are doing an amazing giveaway!!!  

What is rafflecopter?  It is an app that makes creating, running and managing giveaways- EASY!  I have been using rafflecopter for a week or so now and I love it!  I have 2-3 giveaways this month planned already and it's made it worry free!

Do YOU want to win an ipad2?  It's super simple, all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter form below!  

When you click "Tell us who referred you" +1 *green button*- type Nichole Quigley (that's me!!)... If you win the ipad2, I will win an Amazon Kindle Fire for referring you!!!  

You can get additional entries by suggesting a mascot name, following rafflecopter on twitter, tweeting the link giveaway, blogging about the giveaway (what can I say... my 3 yr old would LOVE the ipad2!!!) and providing feedback.

So what are you waiting for!?  You don't have to pay any $ to enter this giveaway, it's all free!    Just leave me a comment letting me know that you have entered...& while you're at it...if you have any giveaways planned, check out rafflecopter!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*disclosure:  All opinions shared on rafflecopter are my OWN and are from personal use of rafflecopter.  I have enterred in the ipad2 drawing and did receive extra entries in the drawing for this post*

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  1. wish i could give you the 'vote' to say you were my referral but entered a couple of days ago :( sorry! i was debating about doing a post - for 5 more votes... guess i should - thanks for sharing and reminding me :D
    hope ya win!!!


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