Friday, January 13, 2012


A friend of mine recently shared this site on her facebook page.  I decided to head on over and see what she was talking about... and what I read really made me feel just sick to my stomach.  I am going to attempt to rant as little as possible on here, but felt that their story deserved to be passed on...and if you have a moment click on one of the above links to read the whole story.

The story/post is written by Amelia's mother... Amelia is three years old and has wolf-hirschhorn syndrome {this link will explain it way better than I can}.  Amelia's mom is writing a post about one of Amelia's regular appointments, and how after the appointment they are brought into a room where a doctor and social worker inform Amelia's mom & dad they she will not be allowed to be put on a kidney transplant list because she is classified as "mentally retarded" and her quality of life isn't sufficient enough for them to do the transplant.  The mother offers alternatives, saying that they will find someone to donate a kidney that is a match, the doctor still says the transplant will not be done by their hospital, no matter what.

HOW is it fair for them to decide weather this little girl gets to live or die, just because her development is delayed?  It just breaks my heart.  WHY is it that they have the right to say that her life is worse less than someone else's because she is delayed?  I just don't see how they have the right to deny someone treatment because they have a mental disability.  This little girl will die without this transplant, so they are basically signing her death papers and just don't care...

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  1. This is unbelievably heartrending. Thanks for sharing though so I can also share with others. The world can be such a cold place and I really have no words for people who do things like this to other people--kids especially.

    I have a blog called Cure for Mondays where I write about my journeys in life: ones that physically take me out on the road, also spiritual, virtual, cosmic, and imagined travels where weather has no part to play. Hope you could drop by and follow back.

    I'm your newest follower :-) I'm following you from Finding Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

  2. Wow that is just absolutely horrible. I hope they can get a second opinion somewhere else. That's just heartbreaking. :(


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