Friday, February 17, 2012

Food Revolution...?

I was listening to the news yesterday while driving my oldest to school and this story really made me mad!  This would NOT be OK with me at all!!!  

On January 30th a North Carolina State Agent told a preschooler that the lunch her mother packed {which was a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, chips and apple juice} was "insufficiently nutritious" and made her eat cafeteria food, which consisted of CHICKEN NUGGETS instead!!! Then, get this, the school CHARGED THE MOM FOR THE FOOD!

In North Carolina, the Department of Health and Human Services requires that all lunches {including those sent from home} for the pre-kindergarten program meet USDA Guidelines- which means that each lunch must consist of one serving of: meat, milk, and grain; and TWO servings of fruit OR vegetable...if the lunches from home lack any of those, the school is supposed to supplement what it is instead of telling the child her mommy doesn't know how to pack a healthy lunch, couldn't they have given the kid some milk & another fruit/veggie?  Isn't that what supplementing means?  I can understand wanting the kids to eat healthy and teaching them about healthy foods, but isn't this just another slap in the face from the state telling parents we don't know whats best for our kids?

Did you know a public school in Chicago has put a rule in place that kids are not allowed to bring packed lunches at all unless they have a "medical excuse"...the reason? "to save children from  the irresponsible dietary decisions of their parents"... Really!? are you kidding me?! Has anyone watched Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver?

What do you think?

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  1. It is sons school is considered "sugar free", so they only allow so much sugar in lunches, however, there is no monitoring, and I have never heard of anyone being even talked frustrating, and the poor child was probably mortified! Love the new layout :)

  2. Thanks Kim!! Only down side is my other layout had the reply button, still have to go through the coding and figure out how to get it back!

    I am all for healthy lunches, my son only goes half days right now, so idk what his school's policy is...I can see the school doing that if the mother had packed something bad ya know? From what I'm reading it's not just that school but all the schools and daycares in North Carolina!

  3. Like the new look!
    That is insane!! Honestly, there are so many issues with kids and food these days - my guy wouldn't have eaten any of the stuff you listed above! Healthy is good, but I think that it is up to the families, in my opinion. Agreed that supplementing would have been a much better idea in this case. Only a matter of time I guess that schools think they can control this aspect of lives too - you can tell i'm not huge on the public school system LOL! Thanks for sharing this story! Still have to email ya back about wordpress.. i will - promise! :)


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