Friday, February 17, 2012

Toddler Time

So I know I post a lot about crafts for toddlers... I am home with my three year old 24/7 after all!  I need to find fun learning stuff for him or I'd go insane!

My 5 year old has to learn sight words for school.  We were given a list of 300 words, with probably 30 or so highlighted that they have to learn by the end of the year. He is so stubborn, I try to work with him and he just goofs off.  I never know exactly where he is at because I"ll think he knows a word but then the next time we work on them he'll act like he doesn't know it.

How his teachers have started quizzing them each Thursday and Friday on 3-4 different words each week...I want him to do well so I have found that I really am going to have to get creative if I want him to learn these darn words.  He likes to sound things out, but in order to get the word counted as him knowing it, he has to know it on SIGHT.

Here's what I came up with:

{These are all the words he'll be tested on over the next few weeks}

I took the note cards we normally use and had him tape them to his bedroom wall.  We talked about the words as we taped them to the wall so he'd hear and see them as we put them up.

Then, we turned out the lights!  I gave him a flash light and he was instructed to point the light at a card and name/say the word that was on the card.  He knew all but 2 or 3, and even those he sort of knew... like DO, he kept wanting to pronounce DOE, and WHAT he kept wanting to say W-HAT

Then the fun really started and we started making up sentences with the words.  By the time we were done with that, he really knew them, and we had so much fun together doing it!  I figured this was something my 3 year old could help up with, but he ended up falling asleep before we started, so that worked out even better {that's a big reason why my 5 yr old can't focus, his little brother is always nearby mocking us, lol}

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  1. Fun idea! I love finding that 'thing' that just makes it all 'click'!
    oh, my Social Network Buttons – wish I could design those!! Freebies from A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio – she’s got great stuff! Has others on her site too…

  2. @Jen: Thank you!! I am in the process of switching over to wordpress and really wanted buttons like that instead of what I have now!


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