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Illegal Baby Names!?

Just imagine carrying your baby for 9 months, thinking of the perfect name for your new bundle of joy and then being told that the name you picked isn't acceptable and having to find a different name...or even having the government pick one for you!!  

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New Zealand's registrar of births and deaths has come up with a list of 102 names that they consider unacceptable for children.  What is kind of weird, is that some of the names on their list, have been a tradition here in the US, and aren't really considered that strange to us.  Some of the names on that list are Baron, Bishop, Duke, General, Judge, Justice, King and Knight- which they say are now prohibited because they are too similar to titles.  They have also banned the names Lucifer {because 3 different parents requesting it be banned}and Messiah.  Also names that are numbers {like Seven}, names that are just one letter {like C}, and names that are or have punctuation marks.

A NZ couple wanted to name their son "4real" because when they first seen him on the ultrasound that's when they realized he was for real, but NZ officials wouldn't approve of the name because it started with a number.  The couple is arguing that if someone can be named "John Williams III" for example, why their son's name can't start with a number.  They have decided instead to name him Superman {yes for real!} but the family is considering legal action.

New Zealand law advises parents to avoid names that could cause the child to be teased... but in the past they have let some "silly" names get passed them, in 2008 they approved the names Benson and Hedges {twins, named after cigarette brands} Violence, Number 16 Bus Shelter and {get this} Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii {her name was later changed at the age of 9 due to being traumatized by the name}.

New Zealand isn't the only country that puts bans on names, some other countries include Sweden, Dominican Republic, China

Here are the Top 5 names that I think are interesting that were banned in other countries are:

1.}Venerdi {which means Friday} was banned in Italy.  The parents are now threatening to name their next child Mercoledi {Wednesday}.   Italian courts can step in when the child's name is likely to limit social interaction and create insecurity. In Turin, Andrea was rejected (and changed to Emma) as it's a boy's name in Italy. Dalmata has also been rejected, as it means Dalmatian. 

2.}Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 was banned in Sweden. Somehow, this name is pronounced 'Albin'...the parents chose it in protest against Sweden's strict naming laws.  In Sweden, Tax authorities must approve of both first and surnames before they are able to be used.
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3.} Gesher {which means Bridge} was banned in Norway.  In 1998 a women was thrown in jail for 2 days because she refused to change the name of her child, which she named Gesher because she had a dream instructing her that her child should be name Gesher {which is Hebrew for bridge}
@ was banned in China.  In China, police have control over all names given because they are the ones that issue the identity cards.

4.}Miatt was banned in Germany because it didn't clearly declare weather the child was a boy or a girl.  Germany has an entire department  that is dedicated to determining weather a name is suitable for a child or not.

So what do you think, should governments be allowed to decide if a name is inappropriate & step in if it's in the best interest of the child?  Do you think there are any names that should be banned in the US?


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  1. The ban against the name "Seven" had me giggling a bit because that's what I named our cat. Her name is Seven. And I have seen it as a boy's name as well.

  2. Yeah some of the names I didn't think were really that big of a deal, like one one in Italy:'s not THATH weird!

  3. I love finding out why people chose to name their kids what they did etc.
    I loved picking names for our kids, people could 'hire' me, for free to name their kids.

    In Belgium there is a guideline to keep in mind which is that you can only use a name that has been used as a name by someone, somewhere before.

    But it all depends on the official you deal with when you go and register your child.

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