Saturday, March 24, 2012

My First Surprise Party!

Last weekend my sister in law and I were talking about my mother in laws birthday and we decided the only way to really do it would be to surprise her!  Otherwise she'd try to buy and cook all the food and clean everything... and it's HER day so we couldn't let that happen!

I've never planned a surprise party before!  It was fun being sneaky!  We had to make up excuses as to WHY we couldn't make it there on her birthday, and told her we'd all be coming out the next day.  We had her best friend call and ask her to come out for the day to get her away from the house.  We told my father in law what was going on, but he was confused by it all so he thought we were coming Sunday, lol!  He was kind of surprised when I showed up with everything on Saturday!  Opps!

My husband brought out a truck full of red mulch and laid it all out for her, me and my sister in law did the food.  I also took pictures of all the grand kids the weekend before, so I had them printed and framed and we hung them on the wall.

Everything was going great, we got the "5 minute warning" & got everyone hid...and there we sat...waiting...for FORTY MINUTES!!!!  Do you KNOW how hard it is to keep FOUR kids 5 & under quite and hidden for FORTY MINUTES!  We didn't want them to go back and play because we were told 5 minutes and were worried the second they went outside that she'd pull up!  They finally ended up showing up over an hour {and three phone calls and numerous texts} later!  She was shocked and so happy!  Everything was great!


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  1. What an awesome thing you guys did! I love that you took pics and framed & hung them for her. That is so sweet!!!

    I am fully picturing you trying to keep all the kids focused. I bet that was interesting. LOL


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