Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Happy List

Linking up today with Mamarazzi's My Happy List!!

I am happy that the weather is starting to finally be good!!!  It's been sunny and high 70's here for the past week {minus a few rainy days} that's what I'm talking about!!!

With awesome weather comes awesome family bbq's at the in-laws!!!  We had our first one of the year this weekend...boy how I've missed it!

With awesome weather also comes picnics at the park, weekly zoo trips, summer vacation {and our annual summer trip!} and soooo much more!!!  VERY excited!

After our zoo trip last week
With nice weather also comes awesome photo shoots like this one:

These are my friends daughters and I just LOVED taking pictures of them!!!  They were so great, especially {A} who would strike and pose and beg for me to take her picture!!  


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  1. great pictures! looks like a fun time and lots of upcoming fun with the warm weather!

  2. TAG - you're it! Check out the details here

  3. You changed your blog name! Freaked me out, I thought you hadn't posted in a while...than I went to fb....I am such a dork sometimes. Anyhoo...lol...love all your pictures! Girls are fun to have around with a camera!

  4. What a great Happy List! I can;t wait til the sun sticks around here, I am tired of the rain! Bring on the BBQ's!!!

    Great photo shoot. The bridge on & the train track ones are my fav. What darling little ladies :)

  5. Impromptu photo shoots are the best!


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