Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WWTK Wednesday: It's all about the money...


I'm linking up to We Want To Know Wednesday with Mamarazzi and Crazymama and this week "it's all about the money!"

{1} What is something that you currently spend money on that you consider a splurge or frivolous?
Lately it's been taking the kids out on the weekends.  Normally we find free things to do with the boys, but the last few months we've had a little more money coming in than normal, so I've been a little bit more  frivolous with going out.  I still try to find the best deals possible when planning our weekends out, but sometimes, like last weekend, even if it's not super cheap, it's still worth it to watch them have so much fun!

{2} Tell us about your first paying job. How old were you?
My first job was working for my friend/neighbor's mom at her cleaning company.  I cleaned medical offices after hours.  I was a freshman in high school, so 14-15?  I loved it.  I've thought about trying to get back into it.  There's something peaceful to me about cleaning....plug in my headphones with some good music and just have at it!  If I didn't have kids to interrupt me, I'd clean all the time!

{3} Do you plan date nights and extras into a monthly/weekly budget?
Sadly, we don't... date nights that is.  I do try to budget out an "entertainment" envelope, but it usually doesn't include dates.  We just don't have anyone to watch the boys, and Husband is out of town so much, when he is home, we'd rather all spend time together than apart.  I would really like a night out with just us soon... the in laws want to take the boys overnight during spring break, so maybe that'll be out chance... as long as Husband is back in town by then!  As of now, he won't be =(

As for planning any extras into our budget...our whole budget is based off the envelope system, I've done it for a long time and it works great for us... I make sure to budget for every thing I can think of, including entertainment.

{4} Share one of your money saving tips with us.
Since we have been doing so much entertainment things lately, I guess I would have to say the biggest tip I can give is to look out for great deals!  I spend lots of times doing google searches for entertainment in our area, sign up for newsletters for my favorite websites etc.  Especially like right now when Spring Break is literally days away for us, I am getting lots of e-mails for great deals like free bowling and movies for the kids!  We will be taking advantage of a lot of those this coming week!

And finally, Christine @ wants to know:
{5} If you won the lottery - would you spend it frivolously or use what you need and save the rest? Why?
I have thought about this before... what I would want to do is set aside a {small} amount of money to be spent on more frivolous things but the rest would be saved.  I know Husband {who really should have the nickname "Big Spender"} I would have other ideas.  I swear sometimes finance and budgets can be a struggle with him, because he loves to shop and never looks at the price of things.... so I guess we better hope it is ME that wins the lottery and not him! haha


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  1. I can't believe you enjoy cleaning! I don't think I ever will, so many other things I would rather be doing.

    My husband is also a big spender, but I can't complain, it's nice to get the presents :)

  2. I always say, what would be the point of winning the lottery if you can't blow at least a little of it on fun stuff???


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