Saturday, March 10, 2012

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad WEEK

Yup...that was me this week.  And each day only seemed to be getting worse to the point where my emotions were so mixed up yesterday!!!   I was crying, then wanting to throw things.... lets just say it was bad!

My week didn't start out bad.  Actually when I look back at it, it started out good!  I helped Brother's teachers on Monday and Tuesday, Zoie stayed the night Tuesday night.  All pretty normal stuff.

Except I suppose when you back up, it all really started last week.  Or two weeks ago?  I brought my car {which we haven't been driving in forever} over to the shop to get it looked at.  I missed my little beater car!  They quoted me $500 to fix it, I gave the go ahead.  Fast forward a week to last Saturday...they say it's done.  I got get it, drive it around a little... it's not done. 

It's worse then when I brought it in.  I bring it back {unknowingly leaving my purse in the back seat}. They say they'll look at it.  I got back to get my purse they say it's fine they can't figure it out.  They ask me to take it for the weekend & drive it around.   I do...bring it back Tuesday because it's bad.  

They call me Wednesday saying it's "running perfectly" and "nothings wrong with it"
I go come get it.  Drive it around, clean it out, all happy because it's done.  WRONG!  As I'm driving only a few hours after getting the "all clear"... it DIES!

I'm mad!  I have my sister bring me over there, give them the key but I'm SO mad I can't even express HOW mad I am!  Have you ever had that happen!?  I go to my parents all upset and call my mom like a little kid!  She went over and dealt with it {Thanks mom!!}

Then they call with the bad news.  It's the motor.  It needs a new one.  I'm sad that my little beater car is dead. =(

Lets hope next week is better!!!  Today won't be... I have to go give them the title to scrap it.

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  1. Oh my goodness how very frustrating. Lets hope this coming week is full of as many good things as were bad last week. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)


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