Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can You Tell The Difference?

PhotobucketRecently my sister in law showed me a flyer that her sons school sent home about the difference between   pills and candy and how similar they can look!  It really hit me how easy it would be for a young child to think that medicine is actually candy.  I have always kept our medicine out of the boys reach, but its still scary!

So I made up a game...

Can You Tell The Difference?

1} Which one is the candy...

2.} Which one is the pill...

3.} Which one is the candy...

4.} Which one is the pill...

Want to know the answers?
1. A is cinnamon candy; B is Coated acetaminophen tablets
2. A heartburn reliever; B Cinnamon gum
3. A ibuprofen; B orange flavored breath mint
4. A gummy candy; B Kids chew able vitamins

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  1. My Dad was living with us and left his bottle of tums out...I don't even know how many little Ella ate, because she totally thought it was candy. Not toxic like so many pills, but still, scary stuff!

  2. It is CRAZY how similar they all are!


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