Monday, April 2, 2012

Different Types of Parents.


I recently heard about this story where an annual Easter egg hunt in Colorado Springs, CO. was cancelled due to aggressive parents.  

After reading the story it got me thinking about all the different types of parents there are.  So here's 3 different types of parents that I've come up with, along with a brief description of each.

1.) "Do-it-yourself" parents.  The do-it-yourself parent tends to be more laid back when it comes to their children.  When watching them on the playground, they'll probably be watching their child from afar, making sure they are OK but letting them play on their own.

2.) "Hover-craft" parents.  The hover-craft parents are very overprotective and rarely even leave their child's side.  They also like to do things for their child instead of letting their child learn to do themselves.

3.) "The Cleaver" parents.  The Cleaver parents are probably a happy medium between the "do it yourself" parents and the "hover-craft" parents when it comes to their children.  They are also the parents who are probably part of the PTO and always throw the best birthday parties for their kids.  They are the type of parents that everyone else wants to be like.

Now as kids get older, parents tend to break off into more categories like the "Best Friends" parents or the "Party Parents"... who will try to suck up to their kids and become their best friends and also try to impress their friends kids by being the "cool" parents.

What type of parent do you consider yourself?

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  1. I try to be a Cleave but I really think I'm probably a bit more on the hover craft side. I don't drop Bug off at birthday parties; I stay for the whole party. It's more in an effort to keep Bug in check if she starts to act up, but I also want to make sure she's ok. I'm trying to cut the cord!

  2. I guess I would have to say we are pretty much the DIY kind of parents with a touch of Cleave.

    I fully believe and teaching my kids independence but I like to throw great birthday parties.


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