Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY: Diaper Cake

So as most of you know by now, I am co-hosting my sister in laws baby shower.  We just found out the sex of the baby...

 and invites are now going out...

We couldn't find any that we liked that was similar to the theme we were going with, so I just made one myself =)

I wanted to do something special for her besides the maternity pictures I did for her {and the invites}...more as a present, so I decided to try my hand at making a diaper cake, and it was so much fun!!  I am going to make another one for my other sister in law too!  

I am going to apologize in advance for this DIY.  I had to try a few different ways before I got it how I wanted.

What you'll need:
  • Fillers: You can choose your own fillers, I decided to go with newborn socks, wash clothes, pacifiers, desitin, baby powder and wash, nail clippers and baby toys.
  • Diapers: I decided to go for a smaller cake, so I used a pack of 50 diapers, but if you want a bigger one you can use more.
  • Other Things: I also used rubber bands, small wooden dowels, a hot glue gun and two different sizes of ribbon.

{1.} First you will need to roll each diaper and  ut a rubber band around each one.  I rolled from bottom to top because I wanted the option to use the design on the diapers.

{2.} After all the diapers are rolled, you have to arrange the first layer of the cake.  Use a bigger rubber band to hold the layers together.  Since I chose to do small layers, I decided to only do two rows of diapers for the bottom layer.  

Bottom Layer
I used formula cans for the center of the bottom two layers, but you can really use anything {or nothing if you're using more diapers}.

2nd layer
{3.} Next attach the first and second layer together.  Once you have them arranged how you want, use a wooden dowel {stick} on each side to hold the two layers together.

{4.}The top layer{s} were a little trickier for me, I decided to use a baby bottle in the top, so I needed to layers to cover it:

Just follow step 3 to attach them to the bottom layers.

Brother tried adding a 5th layer lol

{5.} After all the layers are how you want them, attach the ribbon around each layer to cover up the rubber bands.  This may take a little while because you have to rearrange the rubber bands to make sure they aren't showing. 

{6.} Now you're ready to add the fillers.  If you are going to add some onesies, you can roll them up and switch out a few diapers with the onesies.  I chose to hide a few things in the cake by adding them into the layers, then decorated the front with the rest of the stuff.  Most of the stuff on the front was attached with ribbon to the ribbon on the outside or tucked into the diapers.


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  1. I love the invitations! What a cute way to show that she's having a boy!

  2. Adorable! I always wondered how to make one, never realized they put stuff in the middle to make it.

  3. I LOVE the pictures! What a great idea with the footprints and ultrasound...soooo cute! I also didn't realize it was formula cans in the middle of the cake. Again, adorable cake! Nice work!


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