Monday, April 16, 2012

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I just heard about this makes me so sad!  

Nicholas Fuchs, a Milwaukee man who was accused of putting his girlfriends 4 year old daughter in the dryer and turning it on because she wet her pants, is being charged with 6 felony counts.  The 4 year old told investigators that "mean Nick" put her in the dryer "a lot of times" and she was scared.  

The mother found out about the abuse in February when her daughter threatened to put her older brother in the dryer like nick did.  The 5 year old boy also complained that Nicholas had picked him up by the neck and threw him, and pinched his genitals and put his feet in hot water if he wet his pants.  

According to reports, the abuse happened during January and October of last year {2011}.  The mother broke up with him in September of this year when he became verbally abusive towards her.  Fuch's was charged Thursday and a cash bond of $20,000 was set.  He is still in custody, due to get a public defender.  A court date has been set for Wednesday to see if there is enough evidence to go to trial.

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  1. What a horrible man, can we put him in a dryer, cut his balls off (sorry), forget the feet in hot water lets fill the whole tub with boiling water and let him soak a while. Then we'll string him up by his neck.... Uggh it's stories like this that keeps me out of the news. It also brings out the not so nice side of me, that I save for people like this Fuchs.

    Hope all is well on the home front, missed your menu this week, mine is up and I've mentioned you :)

    Have a great week!!

  2. That's awful... I just clicked on your link with his name on it. Is that a pic of him and his girlfriend's kids?

  3. There are some truly sick people in this word! Every day when I read the paper there is one or several articles in it about kids being tortured or killed. Sick!


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