Monday, April 30, 2012

Menu Plan Monday


Husband is going to be gone again this week, so it's going to be kid friendly, again.  Kinda getting sick of it!  I want to cook a nice big meal again!!  Normally, when I cook big meals, like steak or pork chops, I still end up having to cook something different for the if Husband isn't home, there's no point in making a big meal that they won't eat.

Monday: taco night
Tuesday: chicken nuggets & fries
Wednesday: grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup
Thursday: pizza night
Friday: crockpot chicken, mashed potatoes and stuffing {Husbands favorite!}


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  1. Sounds yummy.. I am trying to figure out my meal plan this week for a family of 5..

  2. Yummy! I'll come over for the chicken nugget night! :)

    Hope all is well, stop by and enter in my giveaways when you get a chance.

  3. Simple yet easy and delish!!

  4. Here's my menu plan:

    Monday - Grilled portobello mushroom, eggplant, & red pepper with fig goat cheese panini with sweet potato fries

    Tuesday - Spicy chicken thighs with rhubarb salsa and roasted tomatoes/mini sweet peppers

    Wednesday - Chili glazed tofu with vegetable brown rice

    Thursday - Chicken with Thai peanut sauce, broccoli and brown rice

    Friday - Jamaican spiced tilapia, hearts of palm salad, black beans and baked plantains

    Saturday - Black bean burgers with chips and/or salad

    Sunday - Swedish meaballs with mashed potatoes & peas

    Out of my three kids, there's always one who complains about some component of our meal. I refuse to make a separate meal - and my hubby agrees - they either eat what was prepared or they don't eat.

    Oftentimes they complain just for the sake of complaining; once they actually sit down to eat they like it. If they don't like something I have them eat at least 3 bites and then they're allowed to leave it.

    When I plan the weekly menu I usually ask them for a meal suggestions... this week they chose the Chicken with Thai peanut sauce, the Black bean burgers and the Swedish meatballs... everything else was my choice. :D


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