Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So my adorable niece {5, almost 6} and nephew {4, almost 5} have been bugging for a sleep over with their Aunite since Christmas time, so I promised them spring break I would make time.  So since yesterday I have had 4 kids  running around here.. and it's been going pretty well, expect I've had to break up lots of little fights...which is where this story starts.. and ends?

So I kicked the kids outside because they have been fighting all day today... I guess two days is just too much, yesterday was heaven, today, well the opposite!  No one is listening to me and they are driving me crazy!  So it finally quit raining so out they went.

I decided to clean up a little since I haven't been able to. I got the kitchen and dining room all done, then decided that it'd smell super clean if I mopped the floors, so I got the mop bucket ready.

So I then notice that Brother is chasing Wi-fi around the yard with a stick!  NOT COOL!  So I run out there before getting to mop the floors to yell at him... then I had to find Wi-fi who took off to hide as I was yelling.  Finally found him in the back of the van....after talking him to come out, I decided to clean out the van from today's excursion to the movies.  As I'm walking inside to bring all our coats in...

I realize I left the water running while filling the mop bucket... and it flooded.... ALL OVER THE FLOOR!  Even worse...my phone was sitting on the counter next to the sink.  The counter that was now under water...awesome.  THANKFULLY my phone is still functioning....at least as of now.

Yup...not cool! Not cool at all!  At least my floors smell clean? Photobucket

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  1. O my word, I can totally see that happening to me. I recently forgot that I had a pan on the stove and the stove on high!

    Glad your phone is still working!


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