Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY: Labels

Have you ever watch The Nate Berkus Show? Well I've been catching his show here and there lately, and I am in love!  He gives some awesome tips on fashion, decorating and easy how-to's!  Whenever I watch his show it makes me want to do things to our house!!

On one of his shows they took a tour through a viewers pantry and I was jealous! First of the fact that she even HAS a pantry {I don't}, but also of how nice it was! {mine wouldn't be if I had one!}.  I loved her labeling idea though so I decided to try it out!

Chalkboard Labels

You will need...
Jars, boxes, whatever you want to label
1 can/bottle of chalkboard paint 
Paint brush {I used the sponge kind}

First you're going to have to figure out how you want your label to look.  You can either draw it out, or just wing it.  {I didn't draw it out}

Next you're going to want to make sure you jar is clear of all labels.

Now your ready to paint! Paint on how you want your label to look, let dry for 1 hour.  Apply 2nd layer if needed.  {most of mine didn't need a full 2nd layer, just touch ups}

You can even do the tops to the jars with chalkboard paint too!

Your kids might like your newly awesome labeled much that they'll think it's fun to go around and re-label your jars!

So maybe you'll think it'd be cool to paint a chalk board on their wall so they'll stop messing with your jars. {I know I did}  

It won't work might just make them angry instead {he screamed!}

And they'll still mess with your jars...


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  1. I love the labels! Love the recipe one the most...I hadn't thought of using the chalkboard paint for that. That really is a great idea. And I love Nate...

  2. It would take more than a couple of labels to make my pantry as pretty as I would like it to be..... but I do love the idea

  3. These are the cutest labels! I was looking at Martha Stewart's custom label collection the other day and she has some just like these. Great minds think alike ;)!


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