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THIS is the reason my kids won't go to a public school.  I will home school them before I will send them to a public school!

The high school I graduated from {Kenowa Hills High School, in Grand Rapids, MI} has been all over the news as of yesterday!  The class of 2012 decided they wanted to go out with a bang... They decided to get as many students as they could to ride their bikes to school with their senior shirts on.  They thought ahead about traffic and called the POLICE DEPARTMENT and THE MAYOR {who showed up with donuts before the ride!!} and asked for help.  Once they got to school {again, escorted by the POLICE AND MAYOR} they were told to get into the auditorium, where they were then chewed out by the principal for not notifying her that they were riding their bikes to school {really!?} and were then told to LEAVE {on the bikes they rode in on?!}and told that they would not be allowed to participate in the Senior Walk or Graduation!

The reason?  Safety!  Really principal Pennington?  Safety?  Having a police escort wasn't safe enough for them?  Telling you would have made it somehow safer?

What I think is the best part is one of our local radio personalities decided to show up {here's their radio coverage} at the school board meeting {as did lots of parents and many in fact that they had to move to a bigger location}...But Gravy decided to show up with a special present just for Principal Pennington...a bike!  He said that maybe she was just upset because she didn't have a bike so he got a local bike company to give her a brand new bike....with a bell for safety!!! haha, see:

The bike part comes in at 47 seconds and ends at 2:21...the rest of the 10 minute video is students and parents talking to the school board.

I think more than anything, I am most outraged by the way that the principal was talking to the students right after the ride.  One of the students was smart enough to pull out her phone and tape her, and she screaming at them and telling them to "hurry up and get their butts home"...not even telling them WHY they were being sent home either.  I wish I could find the video recording, but I haven't been able to so far.

So what is your opinion?  Should the students have gotten in trouble?

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  1. LOL - the new bike for the principal is hilarious!
    As for my opinion... no, the students shouldn't have gotten in trouble. It IS stuff like this that Bean doesn't go to public school anymore. I find too many times it is all about egos and not the kids. Good for the kids for organizing this and the principal was just upset cause she didn't know about it and was probably made to look bad with the police escort and mayor showing up!!
    Suck it up Principal Pennington! It's not about you!!! Maybe her new bike (and bell) will give her a new look on the situation (tho doubtful). I hope the kids get to participate in the school activities!

  2. They thought it out pretty well, I think the principal has a stick where the sun doesn't shine. I'd be pretty upset if it was my child and they were not going to be allowed to be in graduation.

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  3. Public school is all about not letting kids act like kids. =/

  4. I can't believe this. I would think it is up to the parents to decide how their children get to school. If the parents are okay with the bike ride, the principal should have zero say. Principals sometimes forget that their responsibility is tied to what happens AT school. A single person should not have the authority to keep the students from participating in graduation. I hope that the superintendent over-rides the principal on this. {You'll have to keep us posted.}

  5. HA!! The school is getting ready to send them out into the world, I mean they are graduating in days (they are seniors) and didn't the school spend the last year teaching them to be be independent, responsible young adults?) Maybe she's mad because she didn't get to be a part of the whole public scene? So she had to cause her own. She should have been proud, they coordinated it with officials, the mayor, and I am sure their parents knew.


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