Friday, June 29, 2012

I confess...


I confess... sometimes Husband really knows how to push my buttons...and I really don't like it!  I mentioned recently that I finally came up with the next tattoo I want to get.  I was so excited about it because it actually had some meaning to me.  It's nothing big or fancy, but I made it and I like it... but he threw a fit saying he didn't want me to get another one.  One thing he should have learned by now is you can't tell me not to do something, or that you don't want me to, because I will want to do it that much more.  Childish I know...but that's me.

I confess...I think what makes me so mad about him not wanting me to get it is because before we were even dating we talked a lot about things we like in our "future spouse" and all the usual dating conversations.  One thing he never mentioned was not liking a girl with too many tattoos.  I love tattoos.  I don't want them all over my body or anything...I would probably only get one or two more, and due to me working in professional type environments, I make sure they aren't very visible.

I confess...I really want to just go get it anyways...but I know that would make him mad.

I confess...these kids were driving me nuts today!  I didn't have to work, and they are still trying to figure out/adjust to my schedule, so they were all over the place.  Didn't help that it was hot and we couldn't do much.

I confess...I'm sick of cleaning and give up for the day.

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  1. I can only imagine how frustrating it is not having your hubs support you getting another tattoo. I would probably get it anyway, especially if it means a lot to you and will be in an inconspicuous place. But it is completely up to you :)
    Great confessions!

  2. They sure can have issues with change....

  3. I don't blame you... If my husband told me what to do with my body, I'd tell him to go f himself lol.


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