Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Little Piggy Went To Market...WWTK!

I have a little time before work, so I'm linking up with Mamarazzi and Crazymama's We Want To Know Wednesday!

This week Crazymama is asking the questions!  & It's all about food!!

{1} walking down the cookie aisle at the store, what do you pick?
Normally, I make cookies if we have them, but IF by some chance I do buy packaged ones, it'd be Oreo's because that's what Husband likes the best...we share =) 
{2} would you rather eat chips or crackers? which kind?
hmmm...I think crackers.  CheeseIT's...just the regular ones. <3
{3} what kind of pickles do you like?
Pickles are my favorite!  I like Claussen Kosher Dills pickles... I always get the deli spears ones.  It's one thing I can actually have on my diet too! BONUS!
{4} what is your favorite candy? 
Usually just depends...KitKats are always one of my top choices.
{5} marycate @ wants to know about your beverage preference.
Coke....Or Pepsi? Diet Drinkers? 
I only drink water...sometimes juice/powerade...when I did, it was always a diet coke.  also had a Mt. Dew kick for awhile there {regular too, not diet...yes my teeth will now hate me forever bc of that!!}

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  1. yeah, we're water only around here; milk in coffee and cereal and every now and then tea or juice.

  2. i'm a water drinker myself... occasionally (usually later on a really hot day - like yesterday!) i sneak in a pepsi on ice - yum!
    oreo's... my son's favourite... when i buy them. i like to make the cookies in the house too!
    hope all is well on your end! :)

  3. I drink the occasional soda--but only caffeine free--caffeine and I don't really get on together.

  4. I usually bake too. I can never buy oreos my kids just eat the frosting and leave the cookies laying around.

    I love pickles. The same clausen kosher dills I do halves. Delish.

    I broke up with soda too. I drive through and get water at sonic. It's pathetic.

    Sorry i made your diet harder. Thanks for linking up

  5. We share a love of the same brand/type of pickles! They are the BEST.

  6. I am just like that with the Dew...when I need it for a kick or spring in my step...Kit kats!! YES

  7. Thanks for introducing me to this linky. This was fun.
    I also love Oreo's, my favorite kind being peanut butter.
    Kit Kats aren't my favorite, but I have recently found a new liking for them.

  8. Water only! Wish I could that kind of self control.


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