Saturday, August 11, 2012

K5 Learning *Review*

I can't believe it's almost time for school to start again!!  Where did the summer go?!  Most of you may remember my plans for the summer...helping brother stay caught up in his school work, and helping Wi-fi learn.  Now getting a job has interfered some, but I didn't let that slow us down!!  We are still chugging away on that awesome workbook Brother has to have completed before the first week of school.

But what has really helped me keep Brother on track is the K5 Learning online reading and math program!

click on picture for sample lesson

K5 Learning offers sample lessons, and even offers to create an assessment for your child to complete to see where they are at in their learning and what lessons they should be completing.

I loved that K5 Learning gave me a parent log-in and each child a separate log in!  I am able to log in and select lessons that I want the kids  to complete, and at their next log in it will ask them to complete those lessons!

The lessons are fun and interactive for the kids.  Brother actually enjoys doing them, and I love hearing him call out "I made it to another section mom!" and whats even better is that he was learning based on where he is at grade wise, so he didn't get frustrated with the activities!

I would definately recommend anyone looking for programs to use for homeschooling or even just to help out with your childs education to check out K5 Learning!! 

If you are interested in trying out K5 Learning for you kids, head on over to their page and check out their FREE 14 day trial!

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