Thursday, October 11, 2012

Balancing Act

I never realized it would be so hard to balance life!  Being a full time working mom, trying to balance everything else at the same time is hard!  I think my sister put it best when talking about her breaks at work "how come my 15 minute breaks seem more like 2 minutes, but the last 15 minutes of work feel like 2 hours?"!  That's how I feel about my after work hours!

I have vowed that my working would not get in the way of my boys participating in after school activities though, sometimes I wish I had been encouraged to do more sports or activities as a child.  Right now the boys are in a bible class at their daycare on Wednesday nights, and I got to a bible study at the same time.  But I really wanted Brother to participate in at least one sport this year.  Last year he did soccer, and although he says he loved it, I don't think it was "challenging" enough for him, as half of the time he was dancing around the field.  This year I decided to try to get him into our local hockey program, and have been waiting the last two months to find out if he was accepted, and he was!!!

I am excited!  He however, was NOT!  He said he wasn't going!!  I was not home when the news was broken to him, and I guess he was bribed (by my mother) to go and at least give it a try.  Now he is excited and says that Nov. 1st is too far away!  I am happy he is giving it a try, but I do sort of feel bad for "pushing" it when he has said all along he didn't want to.

What do you do when your YOUNG child (Brother is only 6) says they don't want to participate in something you would like them to at least try?

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  1. I have my daughter in ballet, which she says she doesn't like. I told we could try something else if she wanted (as long as we approved), but until then, she's staying in ballet!

  2. Hey you never know if you are going to lik something until you try it. And you have to try it for a while especially if it's a new sport where you have to learn the rules and the way to play it before you really enjoy it.

    Our kids can't change sport in the middle of the season, they have to finish at least one season.


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