Thursday, November 15, 2012

Five Fun Car Games

Ever since school started it seems that we spend so much of our time together in the car!!  We have a 20 minute drive each way, and that seems to be the best time for us to talk and play games!  Once we get home time goes so fast- it's dinner, then bed time routines!  

I've come to find that the best time to get Brother to really focus on practicing his math and spelling skills is IN the car!  We enjoy making games out of it!

Here are some of the games we've come up with that both boys enjoy playing!

Less Than, More Than... Brother's teacher told me that it was good for him to practice knowing his numbers not by sight but by hearing them.  It sort of happened by accident, but we came up with a "If Wi-Fi is ___ years old, how old am I?" game.  It helps him to practice his numbers by 2's (since Wi-Fi is 2 years younger than him).  I will say, "If Wi-Fi is 3 years old, how old is Brother?"  and he will have to tell me.  We have so much fun playing it, and even let Wi-Fi pick some of the numbers to help him learn his numbers.

We also play it in the opposite to help him learn the "less than" side of it.  In that instance I'd say, "If Brother is 10, how old is Wi-Fi"

RoadSide Reading... Since Brother is learning to read and sound out words, we've also been practicing that in the car.  First it started as him reading easy books to me and Wi-Fi while I was driving, but that got "boring" so I started pointing out words while driving.  Now it's become more of a game.  We see how many funny words we can find on our way to where ever it is we're going by reading road signs, signs outside of stores and even on trucks.  Sometimes if we're at a stop he'll even find words on bumper stickers.

Although it's not a game...
CarKits... Let's face it..sometimes mommy here needs quiet time, especially since the car also happens to be where I like to do my thinking!  So I came up with a "CarKit" for the boys to ensure that when they are extra loud or hyper, I can get that.  I found a couple of clipboards with storage and put some blank drawing paper, crayons/makers (for brother)/ colored pencils in there for them to draw.  Most times I will give them each a subject to focus drawing or tell them to make up a story.
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  1. The car is the best place to catch up with the husband ...


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