Monday, November 12, 2012


Friday I got a call from daycare that Wi-fi was being uncontrollable and needed to leave!  From what I have gathered, he got into trouble during recess and was told to go inside, so he threw a tantrum, hit and kicked the teacher and refused to sit in time out.  They told me that although this past week was the worst, he's always had some behavior problems.  They've never said anything to me when I ask how he does!!

I always have the hardest time deciding what to do for punishments for something like this.  The little things I can handle, but how much is too much?  Or not enough?  He's only 3,  but he needs to know that this is not OK also!

We ended up grounding him from all electronics for the rest of Friday and Saturday.  He also had to write an apology note to both the teacher and the daycare director, and give it to them today as we was apologizing.

Punishing your child can be a tricky thing and everyone has their own ideas on how children should be punished.  What are some of your go to punishments when your children misbehaves?

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