Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's National Pie Day!

What type of pie are you going to choose for National Pie Day?  Will be be one of the  231 different varieties of apple pie, which is also the favorite of 36 million Americans (including myself!)?  Or perhaps your more of a pumpkin pie nut, which was first introduced to the Thanksgiving table at the pilgrims second Thanksgiving (in 1623)?  Or maybe pecan pie is your thing...which is the third most popular choice among pie lovers!

Pie Facts
  1. The first pies were filled with meat and were called "coffins" which means "basket" or "box"
  2. Pie is finally beginning to challenge cupcakes for the trendiest dessert
  3. 26% percent bought a fresh pie at the grocery store in 2011
  4. The most popular flavors of purchased pie are: Apple, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry and dutch apple.
  5. 35% of Americans said they have had pie for breakfast.  66% said they've had pies for lunch.  59% said they've had pie as a midnight snack!
  6. When asked what dessert a friend or family member should bring to their house for the Holidays, most Americans answered pie (26%).  Coming in second place was cake at 17% and cookies at 15%
  7. Pie was not always a dessert.  In the 19th century, fruit pies were a common breakfast food eaten before the start of a long day.
More fun facts...
•36 million Number of Americans who identify apple pie as their favorite
•47% Americans for whom the word “comforting” comes to mind when they think of pie
•6 million Number of American men ages 35-54 who have eaten the last slice of pie and denied it
•27% Americans who believe chocolate pie is the most romantic to share with someone special
•1 in 5 Proportion of Americans who have eaten an entire pie by themselves
•113 million Number of Americans who have eaten pie for breakfast
•75 million Number of Americans who prefer to drink milk with their pie
•32% Americans who prefer no crust on top of their pie
•90% Americans who agree that a slice of pie represents one of the simple pleasures in life
•9% Americans who prefer to eat their pie crust-first
•7% Americans who have passed off a store-bought pie as homemade
•18% Men who say their wife makes the best homemade pie
•2% Women who say their husband makes the best homemade pie

What pie personality are you?
If you love Apple Pie you are likely to describe yourself as independent, realistic and compassionate
If you love Pecan Pie you are likely to describe yourself as thoughtful and analytical
If you love Chocolate Pie you are likely to describe yourself as loving
If you love Pumpkin Pie you are likely to describe yourself asfunny and independent

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