Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apps I couldn't live without....

So lately I have been more attached to my phone! I figure, I have it with me all the time anyways, might as well really put it to use right?  So I made a small list of things that I thought would help to have on my phone...I did some searching and now I've come across a few apps that I don't think I'd be able to do without now that I've been using them!!

 First is the EEBA app.  I have always been a fan of Dave Ramsey's envelope system when it comes to budgeting our money...I just had to think of a way to make it work better for our family.  The biggest problem we've had when it comes to budgeting is that Blogger Dad and I just can't seem to get on the same see, the problem is we both like to be in it always seems to be a constant struggle with us.  So far, this app seems to be doing an awesome job at keep us BOTH on the same page...and both feeling like we have control!

Allocating Cash to Budgeting Envelopes

Envelope Budgets

 How it works...This is a free app that can be downloaded and accessed  on multiple devices.  After figuring out our budget, I downloaded the free app and entered all of the information into the app.  It keeps track of our spending, weather we are on track with our budget and much more!!  There are even spending reports that we can generate to see how we're spending our money.  Whats so great is that we can both see it on our phones so we both know whats going on at all times!!  It can also be accessed on the computer!

Next is the Out Of Milk app.  With Out of Milk, you can manage your shopping lists quickly and easily. Add items to your list and keep track of whether or not you have put them in your basket yet. It is easy to keep track of coupons, notes, and all sorts of other information necessary to easily managing your shopping lists. 

Out of Milk app

ForeSee Blog Usability Mobile Shopping App Review

How it works... This app also is able to be used on multiple devices, so I can enter things on the computer at work, and sync it with my cell phone, or have Blogger Dad sync it to his!!  Not only is this just a grocery list, but it also triples as a "to-do list" and a "pantry list"!!  You can share your lists with your family and friends too!

You can either scan the bar codes for the items you want to add, or manually enter them in.  You can easily mark the items "purchased"  or done (on the to-do list)....which if using over multiple devices will update on the other persons device!  You are easily able to add notes or set reminders and due dates.

It now offers a local grocery deals section too!  You enter your zip code and it pulls up all the local deals for your area.

Next is the Gas Buddy app.  So part of being on a budget means we really need to think about how we spend our money... a big chunk of our budget of course is gas!  There is no way around it since we work!  So I downloaded the Gas Buddy app!  Now, normally I am the type of person who just goes to the closest gas station...I rarely paid attention to gas prices at all!!  Now that I have our money budgeted out, I go to the gas station once per week, so I pull up the gas buddy app, type in our area code and look for the gas station that has the best price!

And of course, last but not least is the PBS Kids app.  This app allows your child to watch PBS Kids television series anytime, anywhere!!    It Features over 1,000 videos from over a dozen top shows!  Whenever the Blogger kids are driving me crazy in the car or the store, I just whip out my phone and put this on for them to watch!  Usually quiets them right down!!!  I don't know how any mom could manage without it!!!

What are some apps you can't live without??


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