Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gardening 101: Why you should start your seeds indoors

So now that we have chickens it's got me thinking about what else I want to do around here more naturally!!  We are BIG vegetable eaters here {at least 1/2 of the family is anyways} and I missed out on my vegetable garden last year due to getting a late start on everything, and starting a new job, I really want to do it this year though! 

If you've never had a vegetable garden before, you might be wondering where to start...I know I did!!  Luckily, my mom has had a garden for years, so I was able to call her up and ask for advice!!  But not everyone so lucky.  The first question you may {or maybe not?} be asking is "why should I start my seeds indoors" & if that's not what you were thinking...we'll I'm going to answer that question anyways!

There are several good reasons to start vegetable plants from seed indoors:

  • By starting vegetables indoors, you gain 4 to 6 weeks over crops started by seed in the ground.
  • If you live in an area where your summers heat up really fast, or you have a short growing season, this can mean the difference between getting a good crop of spring vegetables that like cooler temperatures {like peas, head lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower} and not getting a good crop.

    • The same is true if where you live has short summers. Heat-loving plants like tomatoes will get in the ground sooner, and you can harvest and enjoy them before the cool weather returns.

  • Your plants will have established themselves before the warmer weather hits and will better be able to withstand it.

  • You have many more varieties to choose from, because you are not limited to only what is available locally at your nursery as young plants. Try new tomatoes, onions or different kinds of pumpkins!

  • It's less expensive to grow your own plants than to buy them if you plan to have a full-sized garden.

  • You have more control, because you don't have to wait for weeks until the soil outside is warm enough to germinate the seeds. When the soil outside hasn't had time to warm up, the seeds will just rot in the cool, damp garden soil.

Of course there are two reasons not start from seed and buy young plants at the garden center: 

  1.  It's easier
  2. It's less time-consuming. 

So it really depends on your situation - but let's assume you're going to be bold and start your plants indoors....Be sure to check back tomorrow for the supplies you'll need to get your seeds started!!

Have a question about gardening?  Leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail {mamaq0608@gmail.com} and I'll do my best to answer it!!  


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