Thursday, March 28, 2013

How To Have A Great Staycation!

Spring Break has officially started in our household!!   This year we won't be heading anywhere exciting...or warm {even though part of me wishes we were!!}.  The boys are still a little bit too little for me want to travel anywhere too far...seems more like punishment than leisurely if you ask me!

Here are some tips I've found helpful to have an enjoyable, kid-friendly Staycation!

Choose age appropriate activities!  The trick to planning a successful family friendly staycation is to build an itinerary that features activities that your kids would enjoy!

  • For the younger kids think playgrounds, petting zoos, children's museums and anything else interactive but not too hard to understand. 
  • For the older kids think about getting more active – family Frisbee tournaments or another spots-filled day, checking out local attractions and getting involved in community events like parades or fairs. Teens are trickier, but if you have water slides or amusement parks close by, that usually keeps them happy.

Spread out the fun!
Don't exhaust everyone by packing too much into a short amount of time. Space out your Staycation activities over a few days.  I would suggest planning one activity per day instead of multiple activities in one day!

Do something you'll enjoy too!!
Although it's important for the kids have a good time, you should choose activities that'll please the whole family – including Mom and Dad! 

Explore the unexplored! 
Most times we get used to doing the same things and going to the same places!  Use your Spring Break staycation to explore your city!  Plan a list of places you have yet to see and do where you live and plan a day of exploring the unknown!  Plan out stops for lunch/dinner too!  Try someplace new!  You might be surprised what you might discover!

Get the kids involved!
Come up with a list of a few great activities you want to do during your staycation, then let the kids have the final vote!  Getting them involved will get them excited knowing they got to help plan the staycation and will make it more enjoyable for everyone involved!  

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