Saturday, June 1, 2013

PBS Parents Play & Learn

There are many educational apps on the market nowadays. While having such fantastic "babysitters" right at our fingertips is convenient, it is ultimately our responsibility as parents to make sure that our kids get the learning experience they need. That's where PBS Parents Play and Learn comes in!

PBS Parents Play and Learn is a unique app made for parents to play together with their children

PBS Play and Learn is a unique app that was designed for parents to use with their babies up to preschool-aged children. It is divided into 13 sections that are themed around settings that parents and their children are familiar with, like bath time, the zoo, the grocery store, or in a car. Each section contains a hands-on game for developing basic math and literacy skills in simple to understand ways.  Plus a set of suggestions for real world activities to further maximize the learning process!  As well the app is bilingual (Spanish/English) as an added bonus.

To select a game or an activity, scroll through the list of sections and tap on the one you want. Then, select a game or an activity. The activities are labeled and ordered by age range (baby, toddler, or preschooler) to help you choose the ones that are appropriate for your child.

While playing the games parents can have conversations with kids about the items on the screen, encouraging even more learning. All the games offer a parent note as well which gives additional information about the literacy and math skills featured in that particular game. It also gives parents some ideas on what to discuss with the kids while playing.

When you select a game, you can also choose to play in Easy or Hard mode. The Easy mode is simpler, and usually deals with one topic at a time. The Hard mode may mix several topics to provide a more challenging set of problems.

The app also includes a free-play sticker area where parents and their children can compose a lively scene using many of the stickers available.

It should be noted that while PBS Parents Play and Learn provides games for children, it is intended to be used together by the parents and the children. In fact, the app encourages parents be actively involved through the games and the activities--I really enjoyed this aspect of the game!! This is a great opportunity for parents to take an active role in the teaching experience and even bond with kids in the process.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the app has 13 sections filled with games and activities. There are more than 50 hands-on activities included, and the app also sends weekly push notifications with more ideas for parents!!

*For bilingual families, PBS Parents Play and Learn is available in both English and Spanish!

  • PBS Parents Play & Lean is available through iTunes here.
  • Or for Android & Nook visit here.

Thank you to PBS KIDS for providing us with the app!

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