Sunday, September 22, 2013

Customer Service Week

National Customer Week is the first full week in October each year.  This year, it is October 7th-11th.
Since I work in a call where, National Customer Service Week is a big deal!  This year, I am heading up the National Customer Service Week in our office and I really want it to be special for our reps!

I have been planning things out for awhile now, and now we are down to crunch time with only 8 business days to get everything worked out!!

We've decided to go for theme days were everyone in the company is able to participate...but I want to go further than's the little things that we do to show appreciation for our reps that I feel really count.

I've decided on the following as our theme days:

Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Hawaiian Day
Wednesday: Company Logo Wear Day
Thursday: Character Day
Dress as your favorite movie or book character!
Friday: Sports Day
Don't have any sports wear?  Wear PINK or your favorite Breast Cancer Awareness shirt to show your support for National Breast Cancer Month!

 I have some fun games planned throughout the week, like customer service bingo, and prizes being awarded for the most creative costume & "best customer service rep"!  I also found these adorable & easy to create water bottle labels, so I created them using some fun & motivational sayings on them to go on the water bottles that will be available for all reps.

Are you/is your company planning anything for National Customer Service Week?

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