Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 7 Day Love ChallengeI hope your Day 1 challenge went well and that it started some great conversation, romance and sparks!

So often in our day to day life we get busy and forget to take the time to make intentional decisions to encourage our spouse. Today-Hershey’s Kisses are here to help! They will be serving as a love tool for the day as we keep them around to remind us to reach out. Compliment your spouse and give them tons of “kisses.” Intentional action mixed with appreciation equals great connection. WARNING: There may be fireworks tonight!
There are a couple of different options for Day 2 using the Hershey Kisses that you purchased...

  • Option 1: Set the Hershey’s kisses out where you can see them & they are easily accessible.  Feed them to each other throughout the evening. Every time you give your spouse a “kiss,” tell them something that you love/appreciate about them. **Make sure they save the strips of paper that say “Kisses”- those can be used as redeemable coupons for later!! =)
  • Option 2: I will be using the "kiss" printable I created just for tonight:
Each Kiss will get one of these cute "hot lips" on the bottom of them like this:
The Husband will be randomly getting these throughout the day with "love notes" on them!
How will you use your kisses as a love tool today?


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