Monday, March 3, 2014


I have finally come to a point in my life where I am sick of how I look and feel.  I know I need to change & get healthy for myself and for my family.  I want be around to see my children grow up and I want to teach them how to live a healthy life. 
I have talked before about how both the Husband and I gave up drinking soda & how it had sparked me wanting me make other healthier changes.  I have been doing pretty good at it too!  So far I have lost almost 10 pounds just by watching my portion sizes and what I I want more!!
I have now started adding daily exercise and clean eating into my schedule! I love that I am in such a better mood when I work out and eat right! That alone is worth it!
I have quite a few goals that I want to accomplish on this lifestyle change!  I am not dieting...those do not work for me.  I can choose to eat what I want, when I body and mood will just have to pay for it in the end!
The one thing that I have noticed is that I tend to operate so much better when I have an incentive for myself or I set specific goals.  I am not setting weight loss goals as I have in the past (even though I have an ultimate weight goal, that is not my focus!)
I started looking online for fun weight loss or work out incentive ideas...I am sure you all have seen this type of idea floating around the web quite a bit but it's still one of my favorites:
I love this idea!!
I have decided instead of tracking my weight, since that's not my focus, I am going to pay myself to lose weight! I love getting paid (who doesn't, right?) and I feel like if I work hard and visually see how hard I am working it will make me less likely to quit!

How you can pay yourself to lose weight:
Get any kind of glass jar or see through container.  It doesn't have to be fancy! 
  • Every time you work out I put $1 in the jar. 
  • For every pound you lose, I put $1 in the jar. 
  • For every time you resist junk food and grab something healthy instead put 50cents in the jar.
You can come up with your own amounts.  Sit down and think about what it means to you to do those things and then stick with it!
Seeing a tangible result for your efforts helps you stick with it.   As the jar grows fuller, so does your confidence- not your hips!  You will start believing in yourself and your ability to become healthy, exercise and even to resist most temptations!
At the end of each month, take the money from the jar and do something for yourself- don't pay bills or buy something for the kids, do something for yourself!  You earned it!
For me, I have decided instead of "cashing out" at the end of each month, I am going to use my incentive money to help me achieve my summer goal- which is to run a 5.6 Mile race in October.  My incentive money is going to go to help pay for the admission for the race and since it's a few hours away, also for the hotel/gas/etc to make the trip!
How do you reward yourself for reaching important goals?

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Hi there! My name is Nichole!

I have a passion for fitness and helping others!

My family IS my life. I know how hard it can be trying to juggle it all. My goal is to live a long, healthy life to see my children grow up, so our fitness and health is very important to me!

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