Friday, May 16, 2014

Fitness Friday: Stuck In A Rut

You know that point in your weight loss journey where you feel like you are stuck?  The weight is no longer coming off in crazy amounts like it once was?  Yeah...that's where I am at.  I have told myself since the beginning of this journey that it was going to happen.  But it's been like 5 weeks and I am down only one pound!  I eat clean and work out everyday, how can that be?

Well...the truth is, my body has been doing some amazing things.  It's changing and sliming down- I've lost countless inches from my stomach, but I was so focused on the scale not moving, I was getting upset!  I have to remind myself that I will not always see the scale move and I should be focusing on inches lost and how my clothing feels..right now it's all hanging on me!

I have officially completed T25 Alpha and will be moving onto Beta on Monday!!  Pretty nervous but so excited at the same time!  Can't wait to see what Beta has in store for me!

I am so anxious to get out and "hit the pavement" again, but so fearful that I will hurt my foot again.  I had a plan, and I feel like that plan is unraveling.  I have a 5K this weekend... I am excited about it, yet nervous!  It's an obstacle 5K- my first one!

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