Friday, August 1, 2014

Clean Eating On Vacation

So, we are finally planning a little end of summer vacation with the boys!  We will be traveling about 4 hours (with two boys who hate car rides- should be fun!) and have lots of exciting things planned!  There was one thing I was a little worried about while putting together this whole trip- our eating.

I really knew my body could not handle a weekend full of eating out and I didn't want to feel sluggish while on vaca since I am not used to that kind of eating-- and really why spend the money doing that when there are things we could do with that money!  So I came up with a plan to stick with our clean eating style and still have fun!!  Here are some tips that I have come up with to help with clean eating while traveling!!

1.) Pack your own snacks!
A 4- hour car ride with two little boys sounds bad enough- add in convenience snacks full of sugar and thanks!! Plus, have you ever heard the food rule about never buying fuel for your body where you’d buy fuel for your car? Genius!!

Pack smart, portable foods: reusable containers of nuts, pre-washed and cut vegetables with hummus (if you have a cooler), almond or peanut butters, easy-to-transport fruit such as apples or bananas, containers of berries, dried organic fruit, homemade trail mix, protein bars, pre-portioned oatmeal, sliced cheese, whole-grain crackers or rice cakes, sandwiches...the list goes on!!

2.) Water is your best friend!!
Sip water frequently and generously.  To reduce waste, buy the biggest bottle of water possible, keep it in your hotel room, and refill your reusable water bottle throughout the day.
If you’re flying, be sure to fill up before boarding the plane to help stay hydrated. Turn down offers of sugary drinks like fruit juice or soda.
3.) Eat according to the hour
There’s a saying that goes, “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for supper.” If there’s any time to load up at a buffet, it’s definitely breakfast that gives your body the whole day to digest. By eating less in the evening, you’ll feel less bloated, full, and lethargic, and you may sleep better!
Remember to nibble on snacks throughout the day, which will make you less inclined to gorge at mealtime. Think of the day's food intake in terms of 5-6 small meals, rather than 3 large ones.
4.)  Visit a grocery store or food market instead of a restaurant
No matter where you are, buying food at a store is a great way to save calories and dollars and gives you control over portion size more so than at a restaurant. 
Buy sandwich materials, or meats and cheese with crackers.  Many supermarkets now have pre-made salads that are even a better option than going out! 
5.) Find a Kitchen!!
When looking for hotels to stay at, that was a must have for us!! You can call ahead and ask if they have a microwave & fridge.  We weren't too concerned with the microwave as we didn't plan many meals that would need one, but we wanted a fridge.  If one wasn't available, we would have stored our foods in's only for two days!
6.) Eat a treat a day
You are on vaca after all!!  There is no reason you can't still enjoy yourself and splurge a little!!  If you allow your self one treat/day, you won't need to feel as though you are missing out- just plan them accordingly!!  I scoped out the attractions we'll be attending to see what place I would most likely be having mine at so that way I am not tempted at each one!
7.) Don’t add unnecessary sugar or salt
If you are planning on going out to eat (we decided on one meal out as a treat) remember that restaurant foods can make it hard to limit salt and sugar intake, so don't pick up the saltshaker just out of habit!
Also, keep away from those fancy mixed coffee beverages that are made with sugar syrups, i.e. chai or other flavoured latte, mocha, London Fog, French Vanilla cappuccino, etc.

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