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Tips To Simplify The Holidays

Every year it seems I get a little less into the Holiday you ever feel that way?  I was talking to my mother in law this weekend and we both came to the conclusion that we're just not feeling it this year.  How sad though!  Normally I am excited about putting the tree up and seeing Santa and even buying presents.  I have a little confession to make right here...I haven't started my shopping yet!  I know, awful right!?  Normally I am done and wrapped by now...guess what I'll be doing this weekend!?
The spirit of the holidays can sometimes get lost in the hectic holiday season. But there are easy ways for parents to help their family simplify and embrace the season this year, including these tips from PBS Parents:
Tips to Simplify the Holidays 
  • Downscale holiday plans and expectations.  Keep the focus on family, on meaningful traditions and simple activities that replenish rather than exhaust. 
  • Ask your children what they most love about your family's holiday.  You may be surprised by their answers!
  • Whether you're decorating, baking cookies, or making gifts for grandma, remember that the process is more important for your child than the outcome.  Keep it simple, and you and your child will enjoy it more. 
  • Create small special moments in every day. Go for a sledding adventure or a winter nature walk outside. Turn off every light in the house at dinner time, light candles, and invite everyone to be perfectly still and perfectly silent for a minute. 
  • Celebrate the holidays as a season of giving and doing for others.  Grab the kids and head next door to shovel an elderly neighbor's walkway; make Christmas cards together for the mail carrier; deliver soup to a friend with the flu and focus on gifts that give back. Watch as your children begin to discover the secret pleasure of small kindnesses, offered with love. PBS KIDS provides a unique solution for parents looking for presents with a purpose, offering a new line of sustainable toys in partnership with Whole Foods.

What tips would you add to this list to help Simplify The Holidays?

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  1. I never thought to ask my kids what they liked the most. It makes perfect sense, though. I am going to do that.

  2. Those are some great tips. I always end up doing to much and getting stressed out.

  3. This is great! I am finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit too, mainly because my husband feels the need to out do himself on Christmas gift buying every year and I feel the need to compete and then I get stressed. He has to be the hero. I want to tone it down and just enjoy these days. Its snowing right now, so maybe that will help me get into the spirit.

  4. I agree 100%! This year, we're taking an overnight trip to a fun hotel that has lots of Christmas things to do on-site. In years past, we would've done events almost nightly...but this year, our night away is the thing. And it's been so nice to not stress about being here, there, and yonder!

  5. Love your ideas to simplify!! I couldn't agree more--- probably 150%!

  6. Those are great ways to simplify! I agree with you 100% I need to downsize!

  7. I think that it is definitely important to explain steps thoroughly to children. It's so much fun to do projects and cook with children who are having fun.

  8. We don't have children yet, but I usually get to the point of all of these. There will always be a moment in decorating where I just stop and say, "good enough!"

  9. Great tips! The holidays are always so hectic and chaotic! Thanks for these!

  10. You are absolutely right about the process being more important. That's a great reminder!

  11. Keep it simple and your child will enjoy it more! THAT is a great and very true tip!


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