Monday, January 5, 2015

Protect Your Children From Social Media


Social media can be a great tool...connecting with family members from all over the country and allowing them glimpses into your lives.  One of my best friends lives 8+ hours away from me and I swear I'd miss so much if it weren't for facebook!

When it comes to facebook though, a big concern I have is privacy.  I had an issue last year where I found out someone that I purposely don't talk to and had blocked, had gotten a hold of a picture of my about eye opening.  Not knowing how this person got ahold of this picture was scary- I had pretty strict privacy settings as did my husband...and it actually convinced me to go offline for a long time.  Before I came back online, I had to reevaluate my postings to social media...and I decided that I didn't want to share any picture of my kids...but really how fun is that?  Sure, they're older now and I don't take nearly as many pictures...but for family that I don't get to see as media is a great way for them to keep up. I kept telling myself it would be nice to be able to share their pictures with just a select group of people that I chose and trusted...and know that only those people would see it.

There is now an iphone app called BabyBlip that allows you to do just that!! With BabyBlip, only those invited by you can see your child's pictures.  You can also allow followers to share stories about your baby- so grandma can now show with everyone all the fun she had while babysitting, etc.  BabyBlip is described as being very user friendly...even Grandma can operate it!

Screenshots from app

Currently, BabyBlip is only available one iPhone, but there is an android app in the making...since I have an android phone I haven't been able to play around with this app, but can't wait to check it out once it is available in Google Play!


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