Monday, February 23, 2015

IdealShape Review

I have to admit...I have fallen off the wagon.  I have lost my momentum for working out and it is largely due to my eating habits.  Because of the Holidays my eating went down hill and I just haven't had the motivation to get back on track.  I have felt for awhile now if I had something to start my day off better, that might help me stay on track.
That's where IdealShape comes in.  For those of you who haven't heard about IdealShape yet, it is a meal replacement shake.  I know what you're thinking...there's tons of meal replacement/weight loss shakes on the market right now.  So what sets IdealShape apart from everyone else?  IdealShape claims its hunger-curbing abilities come from a patented product called SLENDESTA®, which is the trade name for a protein that comes from potatoes. I was skeptical of this, because I mean really...potatoes?!  But guess what... it works!
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IdealShape comes in a tub with a 30 day supply and a blender bottle.  It comes in three flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry and can be mixed with water or milk, or if you want more of a smoothie you can add fruits or veggies.
I decided to try the chocolate flavor.  Because one serving of the mix is 110 calories, I chose to mix it with 1% milk to add extra protein and calories. After all, this was supposed to be replacing my breakfast, and I knew I would be burning a lot more than 100 calories before lunchtime. With one scoop of chocolate IdealShape and 8 oz. of 1% milk, I ended up with a good, protein-packed and surprisingly filling breakfast of only 210 calories.  I was very surprised at how full I felt after drinking this shake!  I actually was not starving by 10-11am like I normally am!
I have tried my fair share of meal replacement shakes over the past year or so, and I must say, this is the best meal replacement shake I have had. Ever. The chocolate flavor is SO delicious, the texture is very creamy, and if you follow your shake with a glass of water like the directions say, you will feel surprisingly full. In the first week I was still getting hungry every couple of hours, but now I can easily go four hours between meals. I also find the shake is a great late-night snack to tide me over until breakfast and really helps with my chocolate cravings.  
IdealShape also offers IdealBars.  I was sent the strawberry yogurt flavor to try, and I have to be honest I really didn't think I would like them.  I have not found any meal replacement bars that I actually enjoy...until now.  These were actually surprisingly tasty!  These didn't have that weird protein-y, chalky after taste to them like most of them do! Also with SLENDESTA®, this bar is a total of 140 calories.
Now, for the big question: Did I lose weight? Well, the first week I lost a total of FOUR pounds!!  This was not the only change I made during that week, but this was by far the biggest change I made. Over the last few weeks, I have been finding myself with fewer cravings, making better choices, and just feeling full. So, in all, I think this is a great plan. I definitely recommend these shakes to anyone that is looking for a delicious meal replacement that is not to expensive on the pocket book and will actually keep you full!

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**This post is sponsored by IdealShape LLC, who gave me product and compensation for this review - all opinions are 100% my own. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and I may make a commission if you make a purchase through those link.

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  1. I am currently off the wagon, too. I need something like this to get me started again.

  2. I am not only off the wagon--but I have fallen flat on my face!! In a few days you will see something that I reviewed that I should have run away from--but it was such a bad day that I need a lot of meal replacements--for a long time!

  3. I am glad to know I'm not the only one. I keep setting goals & deadlines, but not quite meeting them. This might just be the tool I need.

  4. I need to something to get me going again. This sounds great!

  5. I haven't heard of ideal shape before. That is something I would definitely try. Love that you lost the 4 pounds the first week.

    Michelle F.

  6. Love that you knew you needed more calories and protein for breakfast and added the milk. So smart to know your body. Makes a change in diet so much easier to maintain when you don't deprive yourself of needed nutrients. Nice work!

  7. The flavor makes a big difference in whether you continue with it or not. I'm so glad to hear this is tasty!

  8. You had me at it tastes good...Some of them are rough!

  9. This sounds like the best stuff to really get it going!


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